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Terms & Conditions?


We currently, only host our existing corporate clients that have credit and booking facilities with us, but are happy to work at hosting private clients based on a combined hospitality and adventure package booking with us, consisting of at least 3 persons or couples.

We quote according to each individual client's requirements, and can offer all inclusive package rates which could include: All Adventure or Extreme Packages, Charter Services, Executive Courtesy Vehicle, Airport Shuttle Services, Executive Lunch-packs, Daily three-course a la Carte menus for Lunch and/or Dinner, Wine, Drinks...etc..

The Terms and Conditions relevant to our various hospitality and adventure packages as you can imagine are quite lengthy. (We try and keep them simple!)

The applicable Terms and Payment Conditions will be e-mailed to you, along with your quoted package and booking confirmation forms.

We have, however, taken the liberty of summarising the more pertinent points for you, as shown below.

Should you have any additional questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

If any of our packages have sparked your interest, please contact us.

When we receive your message, we will contact you to clarify your request and provide you with a booking form, available package confirmation and all the applicable Terms and Conditions via email.

If you are not already a listed client of ours, we will forward you our Credit Application and Payment Terms applicable when you are quoted on your selected Hospitality or Adventure Package enquiry.

As much as we like to think of our bikes as toys, unfortunately they are not. They are powerful machines which if operated negligently, or even safely, may result in death or serious injury to their rider, a third party, or both.

As such, we require confirmation that our riders have a valid and unendorsed motorcycle licence (or Learners) for motorcycles larger than 250cc and believe that riders with at least 3 - 4 years' worth of dirt-bike or dual-sport riding experience will enjoy the routes the most. 

On our site we have posted various videos detailing the terrain, proposed routes and ride conditions that riders are likely to cover. Should you have any doubt as to what skill levels are required, please review the footage presented and ensure that, if uncertain, we guide you regarding your safety and skills requirements. The intended routes are unfortunately not for novice riders and will be comfortably enjoyed by experienced riders.

The OFT Xtreme Adventures Management Team reserves the right to cancel any rider’s participation in the trip at any time before or during the trip should it be concerned for the safety of the rider, the rest of the group or the general public.

Our Cancellation Policy will apply under these unlikely circumstances.

Ultimately, if each rider.... rides within their and the bikes limits...we all get to the end in one piece........  

Our bikes are late model, high-end KTM Adventure dual sport and Yamaha WRF and YZ off-road dirt bikes and are guaranteed to be in showroom condition at all times. 

KTM 950 Super Enduro..Read more

The KTM 950SE is a legend globally and has along with the 990R and 990 Adventure, an almost cult following (ourselves included!) as a rugged, reliable and stable platform that can wind it up on almost any route. Rear Tyres……..Eishh...they get replaced regularly!

Its only real drawbacks, in our opinion, are wind protection (on fast tar sections) and travel range. (OK! it gets a bit hot under the saddle at slow speeds..)

The 950SE’s will “if ridden fairly” fetch about 170 kilometres on its 14 litre tank. Our routes have adequate fuel stops and additional fuel cells can be catered for prior to departure.

To improve wind protection our 950 SE’s have all been fitted with the latest KTM 690 R windscreens and we have found them to provide more than adequate protection up to 140 km/hour. Seat height has always been mooted as a drawback, but essentially if your feet can touch the foot pegs - you can ride.

The SE’s are ideally suited for the more skilled riders who enjoy our shorter and more technical routes while wanting to play on the variety of sandy and loose gravel roads aggressively. The 950 SE is a machine that loves to be ridden and provides smooth power through all its gears.

Should you be planning longer routes with mostly tar sections the 1190R, 990R or 990 Adventure would be the more appropriate choice.

KTM 990 R and Adventure R...Read more

The KTM 990R and 990 Adventure are also a legend and enjoys along with the KTM 950SE an almost cult like following as the weapon of choice for experienced riders. Bred and designed to be the superior off road machine available to dual sport riders they give their riders a sense of confidence and offer superior agility for little effort either on the tar or on the land. Rear Tyres……..Eishhhh..they get replaced regularly!

They are extremely comfortable on long distance rides (Gel saddles) and get a range of approximately 230 kilometres on their 21 litre tanks. All our 990's have Aero screen extensions on their standard ex-works wind screens. We also stock travel screens for those that need better protection.

The 990’s love to work aggressively and while their FI systems are a bit sensitive at low speeds, this is easily negated by effective clutch control.

Should you be planning shorter sandy routes with more technical sections the 950SE would be the more appropriate choice.

KTM 1190 R....Read more 

Little else needs to be said.....

Please see our Xtreme Machines  section for more detailed information on each bike. 

OFT Xtreme Adventures ensures that all bikes in our fleet are handed over in a roadworthy and safe condition.  

Each individual motorcycle is assigned a personal handler with its own unique name and ride number. As such all of our bikes are maintained and kept in race ready trim by our handlers and support staff which includes suspension set-up, servicing, mechanicals and electricals to ensure that the ride experience is unforgettable.

Prior to riding, our clients meet with their allocated bike’s handler and after a brief registration formality a full set-up briefing and safety handover follows before a short tune-up ride prior to their intended departure time. 

The duty is on the rider to stop riding should the bike be damaged during the trip or should there be any doubt whatsoever on the safety of the bike after the inspection has been conducted.

An example of the inspection check list is included in each rider’s Information Pack. 

How many would you like to ride? Our packages can be customised to suit your requirements. We, depending on the route selected, usually recommend no more than between 300 to 500 kilometres per day.(Trust us....)

Currently South Africa speed limits are enforced in built up areas at 60 km/h, while within rural areas we can travel up to 100 km/h and when on freeways 120 km/p. All riders must ensure that he/she maintains the mandated speed limits during off road travel. (Takes some doing...) 

OFT Xtreme Adventures advocates Road Safety and the Riders must at all times adhere to the general Traffic Rules and Regulations of South Africa and should a rider not be familiar with the South African Traffic Rules and Regulations, the rider must request assistance in this regard. Any contravention of Road Safety and Traffic Rules are at the rider’s own risk and cost.  

Each rider is deemed liable for the payment of any traffic fines incurred during the period which the bike was used for by the rider.  Traffic fines in South Afrrica are often only received a few months after the occurrence and we request payment security in this regard after your security or deposit is redeemed. 

 That is totally up to you, but we think you certainly would want to after your first day. If weather conditions does not permit riding on a specific day will glady assist with alternate day trips to other attractions and activities in and around the Port Elizabeth GRA (General Riding Area).

Ironically most of the South African roads are in great condition ranging from brand new tar roads to something that perhaps..... once....... resembled a "road". We explain the conditions in more detail  in our ROUTES selection section, so check it out there.

Weather depends on the time of the year you come, but does that really make a difference? We are going to be riding and that's all that really matters. 

When a booking is received, our team will make all efforts to check the predicted weather for the intended ride period. As we are all aware........ the weather can change without notice. Should this occur, OFT Xtreme Adventures reserves the right, at its sole discretion to assess and make an appraisal before recommending an alternative but safer route to ride.

The OFT Xtreme Adventures also reserves the right to change the intended route should there be any unforeseen weather complications or road closures to a more accessible route. (Only if applicable.) 

 All riders must provide their own safety gear and all safety gear is excluded unless otherwise arranged. Should riders not own or be able to travel with safety gear, we will assist by purchasing safety gear on your behalf from a known supplier, the payment of which will be for your/the rider’s account.

We propose the following minimum safety gear be worn:

  • Suitable Riding Jacket with Spine and Elbow Protection
  • Riding Boots
  • Suitable Helmet
  • Rain Suit
  • Riding Gloves

The simple rule is "All the gear...ALL THE TIME.

You will need to bring your South African Identity Document and Valid and appropriate Motorcycle licence. Non-South African riders will need a valid Passport and applicable Motorcycle license valid in South Africa.

We require our riders to provide proof of suitable comprehensive travel insurance covering, medical evaluation, trip cancellation due to medical reasons or injury, medical expenses, death cover, etc. 

We will provide you with a Route folder & Trip pack containing:

Relevant Emergency Contact numbers and details
Ride Contract – Licence papers and Waivers
Handover – Checklist
Tool & Spares Manifesto
Cap and Branded T-Shirt
Detailed Rider Medical declaration w.r.t Allergies, Medical conditions…etc..
Hydration Pack with Energy Snacks (Pack is returnable)

Suggested items you will be required to bring on your ride:

Motorcycle licence & Ride documents
Cash in South African Rands (ZAR)
Mobile Phone (Fully Charged) with spare battery
Protective wear and Safety Gear, Rain Suits etc..
Medical Kit containing essentials and Pain Killers, liver supplements…
Sun and Reading Glasses

We will on request gladly assist riders with arranging and purchasing a full gear checklist from reputable suppliers of their choice. 

Yes, we have a range of GO Pro’s, Luggage Solutions, Bags and GPS’s that are available for hire.

Each bike has various baggage options which in soft or hard configurations range from Tank bags, Top boxes, Bar Bags, Strap-on’s and Panniers.

While pillion passengers are not permitted on our packages most of the routes are suitable for two-up riding and can be checked in our routes section, but let's be honest, we all know..... it's hard to practice our "skills" with the "Mrs" on the back....may get an ear full...... or a slap on the helmet!

Seriously though, our bikes suspension set-ups and route selection really favors one-up riding. Lady riders, of course, are welcome.

Each of our tours is exclusive to you and your tour members, so that is up to you. Our riders often link up with the other KTM fans in our area while out riding. (Cool Bunch!).

We currently offer a limit of 5 bikes per group with 2 being kept as spares. (Just in case there should be any mishaps.)

Accommodation and certain meals are provided based on a (Single) Bed and Breakfast Rack rate basis, the costs of which are covered in your quoted package price.

Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Personal items, or Services, Alcohol, Beverages etc..will be for your own account, as these, unless specified may not be included in the Hospitality package offered.

While our own team members are known for the "odd" drink, (Yeah right!) no alcoholic drinks are permitted prior to, and during the ride. In South Africa the legal limit is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1000ml, or a Blood alcohol content of 0.05mg/100ml. Once the day's riding is done all riders are welcome to have a party (Your head pays the next day...Hydration pack!) responsibly. 

As the tours are self-guided, unless booked with a guide, it is the duty of the rider to be safe and responsible in this regard. For the non-South African riders, driving while under the influence is a criminal offence in South Africa and is strictly enforced. 

All riders participating in any Packaged Ride will be required to sign the OFT Xtreme Adventures Liability Waiver prior to departure.

The waiver document is included in each rider’s confirmation pack, riders are required to examine and accept the terms of our liability waiver prior to arriving at our facilities.

This is to ensure that all our riders are familiar with the terms thereof, and that they had discussed it with their spouses. (Where applicable.)

We pride ourselves on accepting nothing less than 4 - 5 star accommodation for our riders. We have made sure that all accommodation is up to scratch by staying there ourselves during the route establishment sessions.

If you have chosen the backup vehicle as an optional extra, we will carry a spare bike. Alternatively, we will arrange for a replacement bike to be brought to you at no cost. It is a KTM though, so it shouldn't break.

All of our bikes will be handed over to our riders without any damages, a hand-over, inspection and acceptance sheet will also be duly completed with you prior to your departure.

The bikes are comprehensively insured against accident damage, but we need to record that the relevant excess payment and value of claims not honoured by our insurers for any reason, will be for our clients account.

As such, (Unfortunately!) our underwriters require that we, at all times for the duration of the ride hold suitable security, cash, or a nominated bank guarantees which are refundable-redeemable after receiving the bike utilized on its due date, free of any damages or fines, to the value of;

KTM 950 SE  - ZAR 15 000.00.
KTM 990       - ZAR 17 000.00
KTM 990 R    - ZAR 17 000.00
KTM1190 R   - ZAR 20 000.00

The security provided is required to cover the following in the event of an accident:

  • The Excess on any claim to be lodged
  • Repairs and Part Replacement costs below the Excess value
  • Claims rejected by our nominated Insurers and underwriters
  • The Excess does not include any reasonable collection or recovery fees not covered by our insurers
  • Settlement of any associated Traffic fines

Additional Information

  • The Excess is payable per accident
  • An additional Excess of 20% is applicable for riders under the age of 30
  • Clients are free to provide suitable alternative insurance options for consideration

We have high speed internet access via WiFiI, as well as a computer with Skype available at our suites. We can also assist with cellphones to be carried when touring. Obviously calls will be for your account. There is WiFi and cell coverage at all of our base stops. 

You are welcome to rent a car and stay with us at The Amsterdam either before or after your ride.We do keep a hospitality vehicle available which may be used by prior arrangement, subject to availability and in accordance with our terms and conditions which can be made available upon request.

All the relevant legal stuff will all be supplied with the booking forms, but in short, OFT Xtreme Adventures will start making bookings with third parties and trip preparations once a booking form is received and the initial booking deposit is paid.

In this process, OFT Xtreme Adventure will be making the necessary deposit payments required by our nominated third parties. Unfortunately certain expenses will be also have been incurred during the preparation of the trip which will have to be paid. 

As such.all cancellations must be done in writing. In terms of Chapter 2, Section 1, of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 OFT Xtreme Adventures is committed to best practice and as such has aligned its refunds policy to be in line with the Consumer Protection Act..

A Non Refundable Deposit Policy Guideline is offered as follows:

Cancellation 30 Days prior to Arrival - 50% of deposit paid
Cancellation 14 Days prior to Arrival - 60% of deposit paid
Cancellation  7  Days prior to Arrival - 80% of deposit paid 

Cancellation less than 7 days prior to arrival - No Refund

Please note that the above is a guideline and, should practical circumstances require we may elect to deviate from them.

We offer a Support Vehicle as an optional extra, should you require one. The Support Vehicle can arrange to meet you at certain points, carry your luggage and refreshments, as well as a spare bike. 

Unless by explicit prior arrangement and accompanied by one of our ride-guides none of our motorcycles may leave the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Where you require a guide or a backup vehicle, our whole team have years of riding and mechanical experience. You can check out Our Team section of our website for more info.